Peer Mentor Module Development(Book four (sessions 13-16)Sessions on Meri Life Meri Choice)

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The peer mentor module has been designed to talk about basic reproductive and sexual health related matters to the adolescent girls and boys. The module has been divided into 5 parts of 4-5 sessions each. Broadly the module has content on aadolescent sexuality, SRH needs, adolescent HIV vulnerability, Safe behaviours to prevent HIV risk, life skills: problem solving, negotiation, communication, etc, financial literacy: budgeting, how to save, debt management, bank services. Tthese modules carry clear instructions for the peer mentors on how to conduct sessions on sensitive matters and do’s and don’ts of the training. Book four (sessions 13-16)Sessions on what is HIV, its causes and prevention, HIV related counseling and important centres demarcated for counseling, consistent and correct use of condom, substance abuse and danger of HIV, Intimate Relationships

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